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What is a fine art print?

It is an original work of art produced in multiple copies.

You should be able to achieve the same experience from viewing the piece itself as you can from all other art mediums through which the piece has been recreated.

However, the prints should not be a copy of the work done in another medium, but rather a unique vision dependent on the qualities of the stone (lithograph), plate (etching), or screen (serigraph) on which it is being remade. That is precisely what Robert Sherman is able to achieve through a recreation of paintings in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The artist takes part in every step of the process. With lithographs and etchings, he performs every step himself with his own hands. With serigraphs, he performs every step except the printing, yet he is there to check each print as he removes it from the screen. If the registration or screen conditions do not produce a perfect print, he promptly destroys it and fixes the problem.

The fine art prints on this website are truly fine art prints because every step is completed by or supervised by Robert. His hands and eyes are on every part of the process.

Prints by Robert Sherman

The fine art prints that you see below have been completed by or supervised by Robert Sherman himself, making them some of the finest prints in Little Rock, Arkansas. His hands and eyes are truly on every part of this intricate process.

Robert Sherman’s fine art prints are available for viewing as well as for purchase. Please do not hesitate to contact us today if you wish to find out more.

Dawn 1974 2, 18x24

My Sister 1974, 26.75x20

Unsill Life, a Lemon and a Walnut 1974, 9x23.75

Hotel room Bangkok II 1974 25.25x19

Past Puberty 1973, 62.5x36
Acrylic on Masonite and Wood

Puberty 1974, 32x21.5

Dawn Hopland 1974, 27.625x31

The Big Apple 1974, 21.5x20.5
Serigraph (paper only)

Hotel room Bangkok II 1974 2, 26.75x20

For Munch Past Puberty, 29.5x22.75

Dawn 1974, 16x14.5

Big Apple, 21.75x21.75

Help Save Freedom 1974, 18x26.75
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