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What is Fine Art Print?

It is an original work of art produced in a limited number of multiple copies. You should be able to get the same esthetic experience from it that you can from any other art media. They should not be a copy of work done in another media, but rather a unique vision dependent on the qualities of the stone(lithographs),plate(etching) or silkscreen(serigraph).

Robert Sherman takes part in every step of the process. With lithographs and etchings he does every step himself with his own hand. In Serigraphs he does every step except the actual printing, but he is there to remove each print and check to make certain that there are no registration errors or drop out images. If it is not a perfect print, he destroys it.

These are truly fine art prints in Little Rock Becausr the images are masterfully rendered and ever step is done by, or supervised by the artist. His hand, eyes and discernment are in every part of the process.

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