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Welcome to the Art of Robert Sherman!

Fine Art in Little Rock, Arkansas

An artist is a specialist in seeing and recording the way life feels to him in his own time and place. Robert Sherman conveys his reflections on life through a variety of fine art forms, focusing on Mandalas, unique sculptures, wearable sculptures and prints. An artist also has a source of inspiration, and for Robert it was extensive travel. He has traveled most of the world, and he has lived in Little Rock, AR; San Francisco, CA; and London, England.

Robert Sherman has been a professional artist for more than 50 years, and he has had one-man shows in New York, Los Angles, London, and many other cities worldwide. Today, his work is in the collections of two museums, two former Arkansas Governors, a former President, major universities, and many corporations and private collections.

The Artist: Robert Sherman - a Man of Vision

Robert knows he is a man of vision but believes so with humility rather than pride. He knows that being able to create art is a gift. He says he doesn't know why but his work creates itself.

Along with many others, he believes that his vision of our time captures the spirit of the fast pace of change, its emotional impact, and a calm center of hope. As such, he believes that his art could hang next to any 'fine art' in any museum and hold its own. He knows his artwork is ahead of the time while being very much a part of it!

Young people understand his work by recognizing a visionary that masterfully records the feeling of our world to one individual. His work resonates with many.

Fine art can change the ambiance of a room and bring it to life. Work that disappears into decor brings nothing but ambiance and no life. Take a chance on life and you will find that it brings joy and peace of mind. It does not disappear into mediocrity but shines with its own life force.

Fine art is not what the art sellers are interested in: They are interested in what is easy to sell. Only a true individual listens to their own emotions and places true fine art in their homes and collections.

Follow yourself, not the crowd. It is liberating to be ahead of the pack. Visionary work is always ahead of its time!

If you live anywhere in or near Little Rock, Arkansas, and would like to see for yourself – or perhaps purchase – some of Robert Sherman’s great works of art, you can find his sculptures and paintings displayed is your area. You can also order items online to be shipped worldwide, so no need to worry if you don’t live in Arkansas. Please do not hesitate to contact ustoday for more information.

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