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What is Fine Art?

Fine art in Arkansas or America, or the world is work produced by an artist with vision. An artist is a specialist in seeing and recording the way life feels to him in his own time and place and hopefully showing others a perspective that they have never seen before.

I have lived in San Francisco, London, Little Rock, and traveled most of the world. I have studied the culture, religion, people, and way of life in many countries. I have been a professional artist for more than fifty years. I and many others think my vision of our time captures the spirit and feeling of the fast pace of change, its emotional effect, and a calm center of hope.

Can there be fine art in Little Rock ? Could there have been fine art in Arles , Tahiti , and any other place that was ignored because it was so of its time that only a few could see it. That gets a resounding “inevitably”. If there is one person with vision it can happen anywhere.

I am a man of vision, I say this not with pride or arrogance, but with extreme humility. I was given a gift. I do not know why. I do not know if it is a blessing or a curse. I stand by and watch my work make itself, I do not know where this comes from, My muse, my unconscious mind, a guardian angel, I simply do not know.

I truly believe that this gift could hang next to any “fine art” in any museum or home and hold it’s own. Like Van Gogh and many others, because I see differently than most people, my vision is ahead of it’s time, while being very much a part of here and now.

Young people understand my work immediately and recognize its relevance as do some advanced older people. If you would like to own a piece of history that you can pass on with pride in your foresight.
Then you should take a chance. Fine art can change the whole feeling of a room or building and bring it to life. Work that disappears into décor brings nothing, certainly not life. Take a chance on life. You will find that that it brings joy and peace of mind. It does not disappear into decor but shines with life force.

Fine art is not what art sellers are interested in because it is ahead of its time. They are interested in what is easy to sell. Like all generalizations there are all to few exceptions. I once had one of the most successful art dealers tell me “ I don’t give a damn about art, I only care about what sells”, Only a true individualist listens to their own emotions, and takes home what to them is ‘FINE ART’. Follow your self, not the crowd, It is liberating to be ahead of the pack. Visionary work is always ahead of the pack and ahead of its time.

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