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Sculpture in Little Rock

There is sculpture in Little Rock as good as that to be found anywhere.

I would like to talk about the work of Robert Sherman. It is on the cutting edge of sculpture being produced today. Like the world that we live in, it is not a fixes image. It is metamorphic. It changes with the light, the angle of the viewer and individual perception. It changes as we move around it. It can be one thing from one distance or angle and something quite different from a new angle. It changes as our own perception changes.

Reality is not stable but is in constant change. Ask a number of people to describe an event. You will get many versions, some radically different. The most obvious examples are politicians, but it happens in every part of life.

Sherman ís sculpture is like a Television series with a different story every time you look. It is a land of endless discoveries that can help you develop your on perception and self discovery. Some of th most original can be found in Little Rock And maybe next door.

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