Robert Sherman Fine Art

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"The only way to save our species, our habitat, or to keep from losing all freedom must be found in a clear, objective mind. This is why I paint Mandalas. Through meditation we can literally see the light and be in a centered state. You should feel more focused, clear, and relaxed."

Dance Gypsies, 2013
48 x 48 - Acrylic on Canvas

Kali Dancing at the Cineplex, 2010
24 x 24 - Acrylic on Board

Bay Sunset, 2012
24 x 24 - Acrylic

It is Calm(ing) to Take the Garden Path, 2012
24 x 24 - Acrylic

Suzane and the Elders, 2015
36 x 36 - Acrylic

Evening in the Garden, 2012
36 x 36 - Acrylic on Canvas